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2012 November

Universal Bed Mover Puts an End to Back Injuries and Patient Transfer Challenges
A hospital orderly transfers a patient safely using the StaminaLift TS5000

StaminaLift’s TS5000 connects to 95% of acute hospital beds

In recent years, the way nurses and other hospital staff lift and handle patients has changed. Lifting devices are now common on hospital wards and the rate and severity of injuries have decreased. Despite these improvements, muscular skeletal injuries remain a global healthcare workforce problem.

Healthcare staff such as orderlies, porters, or ward staff, continue to experience high rates of injury. In most hospitals, orderlies use physical strength to push hospital beds as they transport patients long distances from wards, to services like radiology or operating theatres. Injury rates are high, fatigue common and morale often low. (more…)

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