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2017 November

StaminaLift Ride on Platform

As an accessory to the TS5000 and upcoming TS6000, the¬†Platform is designed to assist staff with the lengthy distances travelled during the movement of patient beds. It enables staff to stand on the platform whilst manoeuvring the TS5000 & TS6000 with or without a bed attached. (more…)

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The Transfer System 6600 is here!

Introducing the Transfer System 6600, built for commercial use! During the design process StaminaLift Engineers focused on one goal: A machine that is made for heavy duty applications such as machinery, workshop trolleys, trailers and much more. One of the many advantages: The lifting point of the TS6600 is above the drive axle which results in an unbelievable strong traction of the drive wheels – no matter how wet the ground might be! Questions? Contact us on:

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Announcing the Transfer System 1500

We are proud to present the newest member of the Transfer System Range, the TS1500. Available in Australia, our TS1500 is the economical solution for applications such as linen trolleys, shopping carts, trailers or other equipment. With the capability to shift up to 1000 Kg, this machine also comes with an integrated battery charger, key lock and automatic brakes. The attachment mechanism can be designed, based on customer requirements.

This article appears in the categories Company announcements