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2018 February

StaminaLift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System Released!

Staminalift is proud to announce the release of a special purpose designed bariatric bed mover, the TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System / Bed Mover. The result of extensive research, development and field testing, our new StaminaLift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System / Bed Mover has been specifically designed to overcome the need to use 4-6 people to safely perform a bariatric bed shift.
Reduce healthcare workplace injuries with the new Staminalift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System, which only requires a single operator, and offers proven technology to prevent work related injury by reducing the effort required to move bariatric hospital beds.

Click here to read more about the brand new TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System by Staminalift.

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