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Adelaide Healthcare Equipment Supplier Positioning for Global Expansion

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – Following the recent successful expansion into New Zealand and Tasmania through the alliance with national distribution partner ArjoHuntleigh, StaminaLift International (ASSOB:STL) is turning it’s sights on the large market for injury prevention solutions in the global healthcare marketplace. 

Distribution relationships have been forged with key overseas industry partners creating a strong readymade channel for expansion into the UK, Eastern and Central Europe and Latin America.

With the ever increasing changes in the hospital equipment design landscape, StaminaLift have been busy re-developing their product offering to ensure compatibility with the world’s largest patient bed and stretcher brands.

The Medica HealthcareTrade Fair, November 15 -19 in Dusseldorf Germany will once again bring together the world’s biggest and best equipment manufacturers where StaminaLift will be proudly launching their next generation patient transfer device.

Safe and effective patient transfer and equipment handling is a global concern for Occupational Health and Safety professionals. With StaminaLift’s products and partnership, they will be well positioned to rapidly expand into the world market.

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