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StaminaLift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System Released!

Staminalift is proud to announce the release of a special purpose designed bariatric bed mover, the TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System / Bed Mover. The result of extensive research, development and field testing, our new StaminaLift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System / Bed Mover has been specifically designed to overcome the need to use 4-6 people to safely perform a bariatric bed shift.
Reduce healthcare workplace injuries with the new Staminalift TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System, which only requires a single operator, and offers proven technology to prevent work related injury by reducing the effort required to move bariatric hospital beds.

Click here to read more about the brand new TS6000 Bariatric Transfer System by Staminalift.

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Inside out jaws for TS5000 and upcoming TS6000

Another great accessory for the TS5000 and upcoming TS6000:
The Inside Out Jaws are designed to assist with the narrower trolleys and wider bed wheel bases, where the traditional TS5000 Jaw Mechanism was designed for 95% compatibility with general ward beds. (more…)

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Remote Controller for the StaminaLift Transfer System

Did you know that the StaminaLift Transfer System can be operated through a remote controller? Requested by hospitals in Europe, designed and developed by the StaminaLift R&D Team. The remote controller enables hospital staff to operate our TS2100, TS5000 and upcoming TS6000 from a distance of up to 2 metres. (more…)

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StaminaLift Ride on Platform

As an accessory to the TS5000 and upcoming TS6000, the Platform is designed to assist staff with the lengthy distances travelled during the movement of patient beds. It enables staff to stand on the platform whilst manoeuvring the TS5000 & TS6000 with or without a bed attached. (more…)

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The Transfer System 6600 is here!

Introducing the Transfer System 6600, built for commercial use! During the design process StaminaLift Engineers focused on one goal: A machine that is made for heavy duty applications such as machinery, workshop trolleys, trailers and much more. One of the many advantages: The lifting point of the TS6600 is above the drive axle which results in an unbelievable strong traction of the drive wheels – no matter how wet the ground might be! Questions? Contact us on:

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Announcing the Transfer System 1500

We are proud to present the newest member of the Transfer System Range, the TS1500. Available in Australia, our TS1500 is the economical solution for applications such as linen trolleys, shopping carts, trailers or other equipment. With the capability to shift up to 1000 Kg, this machine also comes with an integrated battery charger, key lock and automatic brakes. The attachment mechanism can be designed, based on customer requirements.

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StaminaLift Wins National Safety Council Award for Best OHS Workplace Risk Solution with Universally Compatible Bed Mover

NSCA Award Winner logo

Adelaide based StaminaLift, a manufacturer of patient transfer systems for injury reduction in hospitals, won the prestigious 2012 National Safety Council of Australia’s National Safety Award of Excellence for the best solution to an occupational health and safety (OHS) workplace risk. The company’s winning entry was based on the StaminaLift TS5000 Transfer System – the first electric bed mover capable of attaching to most acute care hospital beds. (more…)

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Universal Bed Mover Puts an End to Back Injuries and Patient Transfer Challenges
A hospital orderly transfers a patient safely using the StaminaLift TS5000

StaminaLift’s TS5000 connects to 95% of acute hospital beds

In recent years, the way nurses and other hospital staff lift and handle patients has changed. Lifting devices are now common on hospital wards and the rate and severity of injuries have decreased. Despite these improvements, muscular skeletal injuries remain a global healthcare workforce problem.

Healthcare staff such as orderlies, porters, or ward staff, continue to experience high rates of injury. In most hospitals, orderlies use physical strength to push hospital beds as they transport patients long distances from wards, to services like radiology or operating theatres. Injury rates are high, fatigue common and morale often low. (more…)

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StaminaLift TS5000 Performing Like no Other

StaminaLift International (ASSOB:STL) of Adelaide Australia, continues to grow its account base in International markets with the new TS5000 Transfer System.

Hospital Safety and Equipment Handling managers in the UK, Europe and Canada are quickly acknowledging that the TS5000 offers unparalleled compatibility with their bed and stretcher fleet, and performs in challenging situations where other machines have failed previously. (more…)

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