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Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto Selects StaminaLift Patient Transfer System to Reduce Staff Injuries

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – StaminaLIft International (ASSOB:STL) of Adelaide Australia, on March 14th received the first ever order for the new TS5000 Transfer System from Sick Children’s Hospital (HSC) in Toronto Canada, thus representing the first ever sale of a StaminaLift product in North America.

Sick Children’s is a world renowned paediatric Hospital and a leader in Healthcare Occupational Health and Safety programs. They found StaminaLift after searching for a solution for reducing injuries associated with transferring patients in their hospital beds.

Scott Newton, VP, Global Business Development explains that this is significant as HSC traditionally transferred patients from Beds to Stretchers for transport, a common practice in North American Hospitals. This shift in practice to use the StaminaLift to assist in the movement of patients directly in bed opens many possibilities for StaminaLift growth.

The Hospital’s OH&S, Equipment Transport and Operations Directors, were convinced in the easy and safe operation and compatibility with their beds following a demonstration of the new TS5000 in January throughout the busy corridors and lifts of HSC.

StaminaLift is a proven injury reducing device and once delivery and implementation is successfully completed at HSC, a significant level of interest is expected to be generated from surrounding Canadian Hospitals and the North American Healthcare community.

StaminaLift have now identified opportunities for immediate trials and implementation in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, the USA and the Middle East where the global costs associated with Healthcare worker back injuries are estimated to be $20 billion annually.

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