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StaminaLift Bed Mover Wins on New Inventors Featured on ABC Television’s New Inventors Program

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The StaminaLift electric Bed Mover was featured on ABC Television’s New Inventors and was judged the best invention of the September 14, 2005 episode, it also received the People’s Choice Award.

The New Inventors is a popular Australian program that showcases three promising new inventions each week. After demonstrating their invention, the inventors are subjected to a barrage of questions by the three member judging panel. The show celebrates the inventiveness and resourcefulness of the human mind, and the determination and hard work of those who dream big dreams, and then slave away to make them real.

“Moving of beds and trolleys in hospitals by powered means is achieving new importance owing to the concern of employers for the safety and easing of workloads of their employees. Things such as carpets and ramps provide difficult situations when pushing hospital equipment. The level of workplace injuries associated with pushing beds and trolleys is a major concern to the insurance industry.”

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