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StaminaLift Begins Exports of New Patient Transfer System

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – StaminaLIft International (ASSOB:STL) of Adelaide Australia, have now shipped it’s first production models of the new TS5000 Transfer System to overseas markets.

Exposure last week at the Scottish Manual Handling Convention in Glasgow further supported the need for a more compatible machine like the 5000 over previously available options. Potential customers and Bed and Stretcher manufacturers were all interested to explore it universal compatibility and ease of use.

Field based trials currently underway in the UK have tested the TS5000 in very challenging situations and and it has performed brilliantly on difficult slopes and ramps were previous machines have failed.

Scott Newton, VP, Global Business Development explains that these successful tests for compatibility with the many models of acute care beds and patient stretchers seen in Europe around the globe is significant as the primary barrier to successful implementation has been removed. Coupled with the proven StaminaLift dual drive system, the TS5000 is expected to break through all previous barriers to market entry.

In Australia we are gaining new prospects daily as many hospitals who previously rejected bed movers are now expressing a sincere interest in the TS5000 due to its compatibility.

StaminaLift is expanding it’s distribution channels globally by establishing a powerful sales and service network with companies focussed on equipment designed to reduce the $20B annual cost associated with Healthcare worker back injuries.

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