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StaminaLift Set to Introduce New Equipment Transfer System at Medica Expo

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – The Medica Healthcare Expo, November 15-19 in Dusseldorf Germany will see the launch of StaminaLift International’s (ASSOB:STL) new Model 5000 Transfer System where they will be among the industry leaders presenting the latest equipment and devices designed to tackle healthcare related injuries.

Direct and indirect costs associated with back injuries in the global healthcare industry are estimated to be $20 billion annually, with the majority of these injuries a result of moving patients and equipment.

Patients are routinely re-located in their bed or on a trolley/stretcher throughout the healthcare environment from their patient room to various diagnostic and treatment areas. A daily task known to put excessive muscle strain on caregivers and orderlies.

The StaminaLift 5000 Transfer System will offer un-paralleled compatibility with the global brands of hospital beds and stretchers, thereby removing the largest preventive barrier for   expansion. This safe and easy to operate solution will provide the same exceptional injury prevention benefits that StaminaLift products are known for.

At Medica 2011, StaminaLift will introduce this new ground breaking solution to healthcare professionals and decision makers, distribution partners, and related equipment manufacturers, displaying that StaminaLift is well positioned to take on the injury prevention challenges through rapid expand into the global market.

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