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StaminaLift TS5000 Performing Like no Other

StaminaLift International (ASSOB:STL) of Adelaide Australia, continues to grow its account base in International markets with the new TS5000 Transfer System.

Hospital Safety and Equipment Handling managers in the UK, Europe and Canada are quickly acknowledging that the TS5000 offers unparalleled compatibility with their bed and stretcher fleet, and performs in challenging situations where other machines have failed previously.

There are no two hospital physical environments alike, and many have been built over decades with buildings added on and connected by long tunnels. These present many challenges for the staff as they often are required to travel long distances over very rough and sloping terrain. In some instances, this is outdoors and across parking lots!

When connected to a hospital bed or stretcher, The TS5000 handles these challenging conditions better than other machines on the market due to it’s secure connection and unique ability to travel up and down slopes and over uneven surfaces.

One look and trial of the TS5000 recently at an influential Western Canadian Acute Care Centre resulted in the immediate decision to keep the machine for purchase with the promise of more to come! This influential facility had been searching and waiting for over one year for an acceptable solution and found it with the TS5000.

In the coming months, continued exposure in Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, supported by participation at several major international trade events in Toronto, Canada and Dusseldorf Germany will prove to the global healthcare community the universal compatibility features, ease of use and proven injury reduction benefits of the TS5000.

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