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The StaminaLift TS5000 Wins Fans in the UK

StaminaLift International (ASSOB:STL) of Adelaide Australia, is quickly establishing themselves in the United Kingdom with the recent launch of the TS5000 Transfer System.

In the UK, Healthcare worker back injuries represent a cost of £400M per year to the National Health Service. Litigation claims are increasing, and today NHS Employees claim £20M a year in compensation for back injuries.

In the past month, StaminaLift, in conjunction with their UK sales and service partner Medstrom Healthcare, have embarked on a multifaceted marketing campaign, including scheduling meetings with Facility Management Companies (FMC’s), an email promotional campaign, and direct customer contact and trials. The results are immediate exposure and interest across the UK, established alliances with the FMC’s, many trials and demo’s, and most importantly, commitments to purchase.

Customers have immediately embraced the universal compatibility features of the StaminaLift TS5000 in addition to it’s ease of use and proven injury reduction evidence. The core advantages of the TS5000 have proven themselves with bed models and designs that were previously non compatible and in challenging UK environments known for long and steep slopes, narrow corridors and uneven surfaces.

Scott Newton, VP, Global Business Development has been in the UK since late July to experience first hand the TS5000’s performance in situations where competitive machines have previously failed. He expects StaminaLift and the TS5000 to be quickly elevated as the new industry standard in the UK.

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