Reducing Healthcare Workplace Injuries With Staminalift Bed Movers

  • Moves up to 900kg
  • Compatible with 95% of hospital beds worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Certified on gradients up to 7 degrees

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Easi Rider Tug

Moves 1500kg

Transfer System 5000

Moves 600kg

Transfer System 6000

Moves 900kg

In 2009, to address a high rate of wards men injuries, we introduced StaminaLift bed movers at our 855 bed hospital. There was an immediate and sustained decrease in injury rate and severity. Property damage also decreased and staff morale and retention improved. Today we have a fleet of 19 Model 2100 StaminaLift bed movers. Staff walk up to 18 km per day, acceptance is high and very few beds are pushed manually. The new TS5000 design will complement our current fleet without restricting future bed purchases."
Leslie Gibbs
Work Health and Safety Manager Liverpool Hospital, NSW Australia.