Reducing healthcare workplace injuries – that is what StaminaLift is about.  Moving patients in beds and stretchers, and staff manually moving heavy objects, contributes to the annual $20B cost to the global healthcare community at large. StaminaLift is recognised for developing ways to safely and securely connect to nearly any globally available bed or stretcher and easily transport patients from one area of the hospital to another.

With hospital staff at high risk of injury from pushing beds and stretchers up to 20 km per day, every day, we have achieved our goal. For more, visit the Proven Injury Reduction page.

StaminaLift has met the challenges of connectivity and compatibility with over 95% of the  globally available acute care beds and many stretchers. See our Photo Gallery, a collection of photos showing the new StaminaLift TS5000 connecting to a wide range of Acute Care Beds and Stretchers.

Developed for hospitals by a team of experienced healthcare industry professionals, StaminaLift understand the challenges that hospitals face today to transport patients over long distances within difficult space and traffic conditions, and keep their staff happy and healthy while doing so.

Today injury risk to hospital staff as a result of manually transporting patients on beds and stretchers is easily prevented regardless of your facility’s physical environment, or bed and stretcher makes and models.

We look forward to helping you to eliminate injuries at your hospital.