StaminaLift was founded in 2003 in Adelaide Australia, by three entrepreneurs inspired to find a better and safer way to move heavy wheeled carts and beds in hospitals. Their efforts resulted in the development of a mechanical system to relieve the stresses of manual handling and to improve workplace safety for healthcare staff.

Since then, we have focused exclusively on the development and improvement of bed and trolley movers to create a system that is easy to use and proven to reduce, if not eliminate, healthcare workplace injuries.

Today hospitals throughout Australia, New Zealand and several European countries, use StaminaLift devices for patient transfers and moving of other wheeled equipment. We understand the acute care hospital environment and what is important for efficiency and reducing workplace injuries.

We have been driven by two main objectives. The first was to reduce workplace injuries related to manually moving beds, trolleys and other heavy objects around hospitals. The second was to devise a way of connecting to nearly any globally available bed. This latter goal has proven the greatest challenge. The good news is, after a great deal of effort, we have achieved exactly that – a system that is universally compatible with most hospital beds and patient transport stretchers.

During 2012 we launched the StaminaLift TS5000 patient transfer system for the global acute care hospital community. Universally compatible, the StaminaLift TS5000 works with most globally available hospital beds and stretchers.

The response has been tremendous. Hospital staff like driving the smooth dual drive system, appreciate the tight turning circle, but most of all, they like that the TS5000 is ready to move just about any bed or stretcher they can find. For more on the wide variety of beds the TS5000 can move see our Photo Gallery.

Our next step is to bring the TS5000 to international markets  where a viable solution for safe transport of beds and stretchers was not previously available.

If you are a healthcare professional interested to learn more about StaminaLift and the TS5000, or you are a product distributor in the patient transport and handling marketplace, please contact us.